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What is a locavore?

A locavore is someone who strives to buy and eat food which is grown within a certain radius of their home, often between 100 and 250 miles.

The concept began in California where a group of self-proclaimed "concerned culinary adventurers" decided to challenge themselves to eat food grown or harvested within 100 miles of their homes in and around San Francisco.

The project was a huge success and has gained national acclaim. Locavore was the 2007 Oxford American Dictionary's "Word of the Year"!

Now, locavores are found across the country as more and more people realize the wonderful benefits of buying local.


Why Buy Local?

Buying local provides wonderful benefits for the consumer, the community and local agriculture.

Buying local means that you get:

- Fresh, flavorful produce at the height of its ripeness
- Reasonable prices
- Unique and unusual kinds of vegetables including heirloom varieties
- Security in knowing exactly where your produce is grown and harvested
- Fruit and vegetables which are grown for their taste and not for their ability to withstand long transportation times


Buying local helps the community by:

- Strengthening the local economy - your dollars stay in your community
- Preserving an important part of our American heritage - the family farm
- Protecting the environment by reducing, the energy used to bring food from field to table
- Preserving open space and wildlife habitats by keeping land in agriculture


Not buying local yet?

Consider these facts:

- Produce which is not locally grown may travel up to 1500 miles before arriving at your table.
- You only pay for taste and freshness, not transportation, refrigeration and packaging when you buy locally.
- A decrease in transportation distance from field to table means that carbon footprint and fossil fuel consumption are reduced.